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Brands: Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Nanya, Kioxia, MXIC, Winbond, CPU, HDD

Memory spot market update

Overview: After going through the covid-19 and most tough period in April, it comes the traditional off-season of memory in May. The memory market seems to have really weakened a lot since May. With the improvement of the epidemic situation, the long-awaited manufacturing factories in East China have begun to gradually resume work, however, the efficiency of logistic is still needs to be improved. Under the circumstance that some shortages of materials are still serious, it seems very difficult for factories to resume work normally. Furthermore, the demands from end users still weak. At present, under the influence of the global economic contraction and many uncertain factors, the end user delay the orders and short the demand. Memory manufacturers tend to reduce inventory to reduce risks, and some of them even sell under the lowest price to clear the stock. However, for a long time, customers have It is the mentality of buying up and not buying down, so the sales volume is not ideal. With the related needs of home office being met, it is said that chrome book orders have also been decreasing, and notebook shipments have also decreased a lot, and some end customers have high inventory levels, and the manufacture inventory pressure has emerged. The supply of storage is greater than the demand, and it may be difficult to reverse in the short term. We need to pay more attention to whether the demand side is improving.

DDR4  DDR4 has a relatively large decline recently, especially SAMSUNG DDR4 4Gb BCTD. It is said that the stock level of the manufacture is high, resulting in a large number of spot inflows into the open market. The target price of customers is low, so the current price is much lower than other brands. It is said that many customers have switched to use this model for the lower price, so there are some inquiries in recent market. The market price of SAMSUNG DDR4 8Gb fluctuated slightly after falling to about US$3.50. The price of HYNIX DDR4 is relatively stable, and the price of 1Gb*8 is relatively low. The market price has been lower than US$3.50, and the price is lower than other brands. At present, the prices of individual models have fallen to historical lows. It is recommended that some inventory should be properly prepared if there is demand in the future to prevent low-level reversals. Micron's DDR4 supply has been sufficient recently, and the prices of some general-purpose models have been slightly lowered. Some customers have begun to buy them. Please inquire in detail if there is any demand.

DDR3 The price of DDR3 has also dropped a lot recently. SAMSUNG and HYNIX prices are not much different, the transaction price is much lower than the manufacture price. The market price of SAMSUNG DDR3 4Gb BCNB is around US$2.15, which is the lowest among all models. HYNIX DDR3 4Gb market price is around US$2.25. Although there are some inquiries in the market, the target price is generally low, making it difficult to receive orders. There is little demand for DDR3 2Gb recently, if there is a firm order, there should be a chance to talk about a price lower than US$2.0. The situation of Micron DDR3 is similar, the market price is inverted and the supply is sufficient, the target price of market inquiry is low, we can only try the orders of end customers, the price is not much room. For Nanya, market prices are still slowing down as April.  Due to the recent demand is very weak in the consumer market , It is expected that this situation will not ease recently, and it will continue to see the trend of the demand side.

Nand Flash  In terms of Cypress and Kioxia, the market supply of Nand Flash is very sufficient, and the price has not changed significantly compared with that before and tends to be stable. For Macronix, the current market is also in sufficient supply and the demand is not strong. For Micron, the demand is not strong. Our company has a Nand flash channel of Micron 4GB with competitive price. Please inquire in detail if there is any demand.

Nor Flash For Cypress, Nor Flash is still facing severe shortages. The suppliers who have the goods on the market can set their prices as they wish. Generally, small and medium-sized customers cannot afford the high price and are still in a wait-and-see state. In terms of Winbond and Macronix, supply is sufficient, and price is stable. For ISSI, Nor Flash is still out of stock, with a typical 16-week delivery period and only a few types are in stock. For Micron, the market for Nor Flash suddenly became hot due to the manufacturer's sudden restriction on Nor Flash shipments at the end of April. Many inquiries emerged, some 128Mb Micron deal prices were even as high as $45 or more. Our company has a few Nor flash with good prices, please inquire for details.

EMMC The current market price of EMMC is relatively stable. However, due to the contamination of WD and Kioxia Flash wafers in the past period, the manufacture production capacity was reduced, which reduced the inventory, thus slowing down the price decline. The market price of SAMSUNG EMMC is around US$2.10 for 4GB, US$2.50 for 8Gb, US$3.40 for 16GB and US$5.40 for 32GB. The price of EMMC has dropped to close to the price around the Spring Festival. For Kioxia, spot prices fell by 2% to 3% or so, generally stable. In terms of Micron, the price is lower than before and it is not as shortage as before. Both 4GB and 8GB are available. If you have any demand, please try to bring TP to discuss in detail.

Memory Module The price of MODULE has continued to drop recently, especially for PC Memory Modules, which has experienced a large drop, and the demand is very weak. The target price of customers is much lower than the official price of the manufacture. As a result, some distributors were forced to cut prices and ship at a loss due to the high inventory pressure. The market price of 8GB is about US$26, the market price of 16GB is about US$56, and the market price of 32GB is about US$110. The demand for DDR5 PC Memory Modules is relatively good, and the market price is not much different. You can pay more attention to the demand for it. The demand for server Memory Modules has also been very weak recently. The inventory of 16GB is relatively small, the price has fluctuated around US$80, and the price of individual 32GB models has dropped to around US$130. Due to the recent weak demand of customer side, the price may be difficult to reverse and may stabilize.

SSD There is not much demand for SSD recently, and the price of consumer SSD has continued to fall. Due to the recent rise in exchange rates, it has also lowered the customer demand, which has made customers' target prices lower than before. At present, low-capacity SSD have fallen to a low point, and distributors have also slowed down orders and reduced spot inventories. The prices of servers and enterprise-level SSD are relatively stable. Although the manufacture raised the price this month, the end customers do not seem to accept the high price, so there is no significant change in the market price. It is expected that the market demand for server SSD will continue to grow, while consumer SSD and enterprise SSD will remain stable. The demand for consumer PC SSD may tend to shrink in the near future, and more attention needs to be paid to the supply and demand conditions at both sides.

Average market price details are listed in the following table.

Pls take as a reference of below 4 tables

Table1-Dram Spot Price

Table2-NAND Flash Spot Price:

Table3-Memory Module Spot Price:

Table4-SSD Spot Price:


Year 2022 quarter 2 have passed half, overall the demand of Intel is weak than our expected. On the one hand, due to the serious situation COVID 19 in China, the customer's project was postponed. In additional, due to the shortage of the main IC chips, the project budget was too high, so that the project was cancelled or postponed again, resulting in a significant decline in the demand for commodity parts. What’s more, customers’ target price was lower than expected, so they will keep wait and to see, they will not buy at this moment.


IOTG:  At present, the most popular and most shortage products in Intel are the IOTG series products, including embedded CPU, Lan Chip, and Ethernet Controller. The lead time from Intel is longer and longer, hard to see any delivery from Intel, only can wait for the incoming stocks. The official price has been raised up 15% in May, mainly for the LAN chips. The hottest parts still as below: WGI210IT, the Intel official price is US$7.5, However, it has been out of stock for more than half a year, so the price has raised up crazily since the beginning of the year. Now the market price is close to US$130, but customer still can’t accept such high price. The popularity of the item WGI210AT is still very hot, and the market price remains at US$40+, but the demand for this product is not as much as before. It has been relatively weak recently, but the price is still high. For the item I211AT, this part still be hot recently, this have EOL already, and the former price is US$9.0 up to now US$13.0, the price changes very quickly. The price of the I350AM4 has always been at its peak and has not declined recently, but customer can’t pay more dearly so they wait for FD allocation. For the item FTXL710, recently can see some stocks comes out, so the price have dropped a little, but the price still in high level at US$550 around. For Chipset series, like Q170, QM170, are still out of stock, FD and other reliable vendor side can’t see any goods, Intel also have less stocks come out so that the price has risen wave after wave. The price of HM170 have raised up to US$100. There is not much demand for the H110 recently, so the price has dropped slightly. Currently, the market price is around US$60. The supply of other chipsets H310, H310C, H410, H510 is relatively stable at present, and the price also tends to be stable.

PC CPU: The overall market demand is relatively weak. Whether it is popular CPUs or some old CPUs, the delivery time is relatively stable and the price is falling all the way. The demand of old CPU as i3-8100, i3-9100, the price also dropped. For i3-6100, recently not see much demand, but can see some stocks in market, but the price is still not low at US$100 around. Celeron series CPU G3900, G5400, G5400T are still the hot spots of low-end series due to the original factory supply is less and it cause the price remains high. The price of G5400 have dropped from US$70 to US$55 around.

Server CPU: In general, the supply of the server market is relatively stable. The mainstream models 4210, 4210R, and 4240, are relatively stable at present, and the prices have dropped slightly and gradually stabilized. Recently also can see more stock of ice lake series items, the demand is not too much. For the item 4108 is still in shortage and can not to see many stocks from market. Several popular models are still out of stock such as D-1527, E2176G, etc. XEON-D series CPUs have always been out of stock because of the original factory shipments are very less. Most the general agent hardly get any goods, so in the customer side the gap is getting more serious, and the price of the goods has doubled several times.

Mobile CPU: The supply of the 11th generation CPU trends to be stable, many source have stocks. For the mobile CPU Tiger Lake series, we can see much more stocks come out, but the demand is very weak, so leads to many excess want to sell from OEM side. However, the supply of some old notebook CPUs is tight, and the original factory does not accept new orders, which in turn causes some IPC customers to keep looking for goods outside, mainly focusing on the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations. For example, as I3-6100U, I5-7200U, i5-8250U, i7-8550U these are in long-term demand seen from the customer side. Partners who have goods can give us a quotation. Low-end series notebook CPUs, such as N4000, N4020, N4200, have not seen much demand recently and are relatively quiet.

Pls take as a reference of below table.


1.Year 2022 quarter 2 have passed half, overall the demand of HDD is relatively weak compared with last year, and the price of enterprise HDD raised up a bit due to the raw material shortages.

2. From the perspective of the supply side, the current supply of enterprise HDD tends to be stable, and some large-capacity HDD are available in stock, but 10TB is still relatively tight compared to other capacities. Small-capacity 1TB and 2TB products are slowly arriving, and the original delivery time has eased a little. Customers who have long-term demands can arrange orders.

3. The most shipments of HDD is still concentrated in the large-capacity enterprise level, especially 12TB, 16TB & 18TB. The price has dropped slightly. The shipping price of 16TB is about US$255, and the shipping price of 18TB is about US$285. There are also more shipments of other capacities below 10TB, such as 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB are being shipped one after another. Colleagues in need can discuss in detail.

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